Monday, July 25, 2005

Wolves in NGO clothing.


Africans have fought hard to shake off the yoke of colonialism. We went through a phase where our governments were compromised and our rulers were in the pocket of foreign interests. These foreign interests have been intent on continuing the exploitation of Africa. The symbiotic relationship between predatory foreign economic interests and parasitic ruling elites is at the root of the corruption problem in Africa. The miserable condition of the African populace has made this method of control increasingly difficult. The end of the cold war altered the basis of the relationship by removing the political component. World powers no longer needed spheres of influence, just exploitation zones. The people have risen up and demanded an end to exploitation, there are true people’s movements demanding economic and political justice.

The west feels threatened by these movements. They would like to continue to exert control over African Affairs. Especially in places like Kenya where the people have managed to freely elect their leaders for the first time since independence.

When the western interests realised that the people’s movements in Africa were unstoppable.They decided to get out in front and attempt to take the helm. They have employed a new strategy the NGO. It is no coincidence that most of the foreign money (aid) flowing into Africa comes in through NGO’s. The NGO’s have neat prepackaged solutions to African problems that they use in combination with donor funds to attempt to hijack and direct the direction of African justice movements. These prepackaged solutions are well crafted schemes that on the surface seem to benefit Africa’s peoples while in reality doing nothing to end western exploitation of African peoples and resources.

The west has now abandoned their former partners in government but has not abandoned their desire to continue exploiting Africa. The predatory western economic interests have simply formed new partnerships with a new breed of money hungry African elites. These elites call themselves “civil society “, human rights activists, and other benevolent sounding names. The fastest growing industry in Kenya today is NGO’s. If you want to grow rich start an NGO do what the west wants, denounce those who are unpopular with the west and all kinds of money will be thrown at you. This so called civil society activists are like sheep dogs, for a few scraps they will herd Wanjiku in to the slaughter pens of their foreign masters. The civil society has managed to convince Africans that the only problem with Africa is poor governance. They have managed to throw up a big smokescreen to hide the main pipeline that pumps African resources and money to the west. They have obscured the massive undervaluation of African resources and the fleecing of the continent by the west.

In countries like Kenya where it seems that the people’s government may wake up and start addressing these inequities. The civil society is used to undermine and attempt to destabilize the government. The west exploits tribal tensions and divisions, fat Kenyan commentators in western capitals daily hurl invective at the people’s government. Western diplomats make all sorts of unsubstantiated allegations of corruption and so on.

They hope to paralyze the government and when this fails they send money to katiba watch and other NGOs to hire hooligans to come out on to the streets in the name of mass action. These hooligans seek to create conditions where they are stoning people and police destroying property harassing and robbing wananchi. When the police respond then the Human Rights NGOs and activists enter the fray with cries of TORTURE! MURDER!!, REPRESSION!!, POLICE BRUTALITY!!

In the meantime they manage to halt the peoples business and distract Wanjiku from her true quest for Justice. Shame on all those Kenyans willing to sell their brothers and sisters for a few bits of silver. Kenyans should carefully vet these NGO’s and only support those that are local and whose funding is transparent. They should be careful because the aims of these NGOs may not be in the people’s interest. Follow the money!

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Brain Drain or Skills Gain

Lack of education is resulting in an enormous waste of African talent. This is a sad loss not just for Africa but for the world. Yet so many of Africa's trained and talented sons are leaving for greener pastures abroad. They are leaving in search of better pay, living conditions and the ability to fully use their talents. This exodus of African professionals is now widely lamented as the so called "Brain Drain". There is a different viewpoint that one can take. THe high unemployment in Africa means that those who stay are mostly unemployed and underemployed. Those who leave find opportunities to utilize their skills. They gain useful experience and skills which could later be used to assist Africa. They leave room for those who come behind them to get Jobs and trainng. The African expatriates acquire wealth in first world economies and remit funds home, which more than compensate for the money spent educating them. Skilled Labor is first becoming one of Africas primary exports and I think that is a good thing. Since most of those people will one day return more skilled and wealthier than when they left. The challenge is to educate those who are left behind.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Fire striking civil servants

Who cries for the close to one hundred poor Kenyans killed by the heartless actions and cruel neglect of these striking "civil servants"? These “pubic servants” have shown they care nothing for the common mwananchi. They have turned off vital dialysis machines and oxygen needed by critically ill Kenyans. They have sabotaged water supplies exposing poor Kenyans to hardship and disease. They have destroyed government property (wananchi’s property). These are criminal actions that should lead to termination and prosecution. The striking civil servants are the same people who cannot do anything for a mwananchi without demanding a bribe. The demand for a six hundred percent pay raise is absurd. However it still does not justify criminal actions against other poor Kenyans. The workers have no right to government employment. They do not own government premises. Yet they have physically attacked those who have continued serving the people. They clearly have tried to black mail Kenyans into increasing their pay. (What about the pathetic service they offer Kenyans will they raise that 600 %?) There is a lot of tribalism masquerading as concern for workers. Ther was a hue and cry when wildlife officer was killed by a rich Whiteman in a shoot out. Yet the newspapers and politicians ignore the deaths and suffering of many more poor Kenyans caused by the striking civil servants. Where is the outrage? Who cares about their lives ad suffering or is it all just politics. President Kibaki should go ahead and fire these ungrateful public servants. He should then give the jobs to the legions of unemployed Kenyans ready to serve their country. Kibaki should not listen to the faux intellectuals screaming about workers rights from the comfort of foreign locales, or from their plush aid funded ngo offices. Some of these critics are still peddling tired and discredited communist ideas. They do nothing for Kenya but try to hold us back so that we can all wallow in poverty. NARC is definitely moving Kenya forward development is not an overnight affair, most people understand that. Kudos NARC and President Kibaki keep working and ignore the haters.